The Best Internet Marketing Tips

In today’s competitive world, it is getting harder for new webmasters to enter into the marketing world and pull traffic from among the millions (if not billions) of other sites, most of them already well established. Five years ago, this was not the case. Then, a simple blog with a simple opt in form was enough to guarantee high search engine rankings, get massive traffic and build a substantial email list. However, times have changed and the internet is fast becoming a graveyard for such sites. So here are some internet marketing tips that can help you avoid this huge pitfall.

1. A fancy theme is NOT necessary, no matter what the advertisers tell you. Just think about it- what good are extra bells and whistles if you don’t have any traffic? None, right? So, please do not waste your time and money on themes and templates right at the beginning. A theme will do nothing to bring in traffic. Proper Search Engine Optimization will. I cannot stress this enough. I’ve seen numerous webmasters go out of business because they ignored their on-page optimization (although all internet marketing tips online scream out to not do this) to focus on making their site look ‘cool’. Actually, a site that is neat and appealing to the eye will do more for you than an expensive theme.

2. So the next obvious question is- if not the looks, then what? And the answer is, not surprisingly, substance! Is this going to be another set of internet marketing tips on article writing? No, don’t worry. There are too many of them out there. Once you have your unique content, do not ignore your on page optimization! What does that mean? On page SEO includes the keyword tags, title tags and the meta description. Search Engines value these attributes even more than unique content, believe it or not. Don’t be worried if you don’t know what these terms mean. A simple Google search will tell you all. Also, if you own a WordPress blog, I strongly recommend you get the ‘All in one SEO’ and the ‘Bloggerhigh SEO’ plugins ASAP.

3. Once you have these in place, it’s time to make sure the search engines KNOW you exist. I’m not talking about simple pinging. I’m talking about something much more advanced. It’s called Meta indexing. Pinging will only add your URL to blogs that the search engines get to once in a while. Meta Indexing is a much more advanced tactic. It places your backlinks (not your site URLs) on high PR sites that the search engines crawl several times a day. This gets your sites backlinks indexed faster than you can blink. Of all the internet marketing tips I can give you, I rate this number one. Why? Because no matter how many backlinks you build, they’re worthless if the search engines don’t index them, right? Meta indexing is a sure-fire way to get the search engines to notice your site’s popularity.